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About Mini-Products

Mini-Products is a Web site of one man. The entire Web site and all the utilities that you can find here were developed by me, and only by me. Mini-Products is not a full-time job, but I use all my free time to maintain and develop this Web site. My time for maintaining this Web site is used for adding new tools, adding features to existing utilities, fixing bugs, and answering to emails that I receive.

Mohsen Ektefa

Software Engineer and 27 years old. I'm a software programmer and web designer, I started programming nearly 8 years ago at the age of 16 and I growth in experience and ability by myself, Here is some of my skills.


  • PL/SQL98%
  • Oracle Forms & Reports Builder97%
  • C#.Net75%


  • VB695%
  • VB.Net78%
  • Oracle Discoverer90%