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M Autorun Killer Changelog

What's new in M Autorun Killer 3.0 Smart

Smart scan enabled

Automatically scan new USB drives and clean them

Smart scan log

Fixed old bugs

New and beautiful design

More powerfull

Faster speed

Automatically vaccinate USB & PC drives

Complete USB protection

100% Protection against any threats Via USB drives

Fix Windows Registry

Maximum protection

No need signature updates

Doesn’t slow down your PC at all (Startup time, …)

Low size

Use afew Ram memory

Ask password before exit

Compatible with all antivirus software

1New in version 2.0 (February 19th, 2010)

No need to update software

Scan, Find, Remove new and unknown Autorun viruses using Smart scan

Your computer will be secure from Autorun virus for always (Also if Anti-Virus is disable)

You can block flash disks from attach to computer

Your drives will be scan automatically for viruses and noticed you if Autorun virus was found

Super fast speed

Automatically disable and clean Autorun viruses that are available in your hard disk or USB drives

Automatically scan your new connected devices (For example: Scan your flash disk when attached to the computer)