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M File Anti-Copy Changelog

What's new in M File Anti-Copy 5.5

Fixed old bugs

Now you can move program window(s)

Some changes in program design

Now you can use software on non administrator accounts too

1New in version 5.2 (October 17th, 2011)

Fixed some bugs

Prevent format drives (optional: change it in program settings)

Stronger core

You can exclude some files or folders from anti-copy (Hot!)

Special drive locker tool

2New in version 5.1 (August 8th, 2011)

Password protected uninstall

Prevent uninstall it using uninstaller softwares

Stronger core

Prevent upload or attach files over internet

Prevent copy files and folders

Fixed some bugs

3New in version 5.0 (March 16th, 2011)

Old bugs fixed

Works on XP, Vista, Seven

More speed and security

Anti-Copy for specified drive(s)

Anti-Copy for specified folder(s)

Anti-Copy for specified file(s)

Anti-Copy for specified file type(s)

New and beautiful design

Waste less system resources(Ram,CPU)

Anti-Run for specified window titles

Anti-Run for all files(You can define a exclude list)

Anti-Run for USB devices

Anti-Delete for all files or folders

You can run protected file(s)

4New in version 4.3 (November 20th, 2009)

Vista supported

Scheduled tasks

Encrypted password

Active anti-copy for selected files

Switch between Anti-Copy modes

More security

New design

Old bugs fixed

Faster speed

Folder copy, folder move parts

USB Anti-Copy (USB write-protect, close USB port)

File Anti-Run

Persian language added for user interface and help file

M File Anti-Copy 4.3 language creator added for create language by users then we will publish languages on our site

More settings in software options (Don't allow any body to upload your files on Internet, New effects, ...)

5New in version 4.0 (March 10th, 2009)

New design

Help file added

More security

More settings in software options

More parts added (For example: File move, File Anti-Delete, ... )

All bugs fixed

Faster speed

Old parts has been updated (For example: Don't need Log Off to deactive software, ... )

6New in version 3.0 (March 13th, 2008)

Need password to uninstall software

More settings in software options

New interface

Fixed old bugs